Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aug 9 Cabrillo Monument ride

One of the fun things about riding with women from all over San Diego County is that you get to ride in a number of different places. This ride we did followed the San Diego International Triathlon route from Spanish Landing near downtown up to Cabrilo Monument on Point Loma. Here are a few pictures from our ride.

Although it looks like we're doing a "ride in a straight line" drill, I think we all just happened to be on the white line at that moment because there was no traffic behind us.

Climbing up to Cabrillo.

We take a slight detour down to the tide pool.

Chris waves hello!

The group down at the tide pool area: Caitlin, Chris, Bevin, Joanna, Cindy, Laura

At Cabrillo: Joanna, Caitlin, Chris, Laura, Cindy, Darlene

Overlooking the bay.

Joanna at the monument area.

Cabrillo monument at Point Loma.
A few notes about the ride:
Be sure to cross Rosecrans at a traffic light. Traffic is unpredictable and can be dangerous in that area.
Entrance to Cabrillo: $3 per person one day pass if you are on foot or bicycle; or $15 for an annual pass. Additionally, the annual pass will allow you to bring 3 people in with you. If you plan to come back, get the annual pass.
There are restrooms and a rest area at the top of the hill near the gift shop.

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